16 Hartwell Street, Both apartments together 
NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ 08901 (view on map)
Near: Rutgers University 
Bedrooms: 12 Bathrooms: 3.5
Why not rent BOTH apartments of this 2-family home, and live in one of the LARGEST apartments in all of New Brunswick? Renting out this full home yields savings of 150 dollars per month! A group of 10 students can comfortably fit in this 3-bathroom, 8-bedroom home in the heart of New Brunswick. Located on a one-way street off of Hamilton Street, this house is equipped with 3 newly-tiled bathrooms, 2 newly-updated kitchens, newly-painted walls, spacious common areas, and a washer/dryer in the basement. PLENTY of off-street parking is available in the driveway, and the basement is available for storage!

CALL: (732) 433-5700

Tel: (732) 433-5700 Copyright © 2007 NRJ Realty LLC, All rights reserved
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